Gethin Adderley, known to most as "Squid", is addicted to fishing. Like Captain Nick, he was hooked at an early age and has been fishing on the Trickshot since his pre-teen years. Recognizing the same passion and dedication that he himself had as a youth, Captain Nick trained him up to be one of the best mates this island has ever seen. When Reel Hot Charters became a reality, it only made sense to have Squid on board as Mate and the pair became somewhat of a dream team! 

During his summers off from University, Squid had experience working on other top charter boats in Bermuda, but returned to work with Trickshot on both boats full time in late 2014.

Gethin is also a fully certified and active member of the St. Johns Ambulance Volunteer team. He is CPR and First Aid certified and helps out at major events on the island as part of their medical response unit. 

First and foremost though, his love and enthusiasm for fishing is apparent and under Captain Nick's watchful eye, he runs the cockpit with skill and pride. As a novice he will coach and show you everything you need to know to be ready for the bite!  If an experienced angler, you can be sure he will match every tale you have, likely with one just as good and be on top of his game to make sure you leave the Reel Hot with even better stories!!